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Logistics. The driving force of human achievement.

Want to be a Leader?

We are a professional organization that certifies people as leaders by challenging them through competency based modules built on adult learning design principles.

We challenge you at the experiential, not the memorization, level. Can you handle issues and problems in collaboration with others you never met before and have no familiarity with, while performing a series of exercises using tools you have just been introduced to for the first time? This "method of learning" treats adults as adults and puts to the test all the assumptions we cocoon our lives in. In the end, the expectation is to be different, to see the world differently, to be open to possibilities never considered before, and not just to know more stuff that will easily be forgotten in a brief time.

The Logistics Institute Has Been a Leader In Supply Chain & Logistics Training For Over Two Decades.

The Logistics Institute is the international certifying organization for the P.Log., LS and SC-R designations. The organization was founded in 1990 by twelve leading logistics industry associations.

The Logistics Institute provides a comprehensive training, development and support program for individuals who work in logistics and the supply chain sector. In 1995, 52 people earned their P.Log. designation. Today, that number has increased to over 3000.
Professional status is a reflection of what you can do, built on what you know.

Certification & Programs Overview:

Professional Logistician (P.Log)
The P.Log is the internationally recognized professional credential earned by logistics practitioners to certify their competence as global supply chain leaders.

The Leadership Program

The Process Management Program

Logistics Specialist (LS)
This certification is designed for logisticians working in tactical and supervisory careers, as well as for those aspiring to future managerial positions.

The Foundation Program

Supply Chain Resilience (SC-R)
Earning the SC-Resilience designation prepares you for the 21st Century as a professionally competent resilience strategist.

The Supply Chain Resilience Program

Experience Something Unique

The goal is to develop you as a leader who proudly holds the P.Log designation. In collaboration with colleagues and peers, you will go on a transformation journey in global supply chain logistics complexities, and face ethical and professional dilemmas.

Leaders are embedded everywhere in organizations [from executive to frontline] and everywhere in the logistics community [from service providers to service users]. Participation is open to anyone interested in becoming a leader, honing their aptitude as a leader, being recognized publicly as a leader.

Admission with Advanced Standing

Advance Academic Standing:
If you have a college or university level degree or diploma or have received training from a professional development association, you may be eligible for Advanced Standing with The Logistics Institute.

Work Recognition Advance Standing at the Logistics Institute
Professionals who are looking to earn a Logistics Institute designation but already have relevant business knowledge are eligible to receive advance standing and exemption from some modules. This equates to savings and a quicker path to success.

For more information on how you can apply with advanced standing click here.

The Logistics Institute & Your Career...
Your association with the Logistics Institute will provide you complete training, support and development for every phase of your professional career. Our development programs that have helped hundreds of logisticians in all levels of management increase their earning potential, strengthen their company's supply chains, and improve their leadership skills.

For more information on how you can apply with advanced standing click here.

Want to Talk?

Feel free to contact us at any time at loginfo@loginstitute.ca or give us a call at 416-363-3005 speak with...

Jasmine Gill, Ext. 1700 or jgill@loginstitute.ca
Stephanie Char, Ext. 1400 or schar@loginstitute.ca

The Logistics Institute uniquely delivers a comprehensive approach to logistics and supply chains, taking into account the roles and responsibilities, tasks and competencies, required by logistics practitioners in a globally competitive marketplace. If you are interested in learning more about the Logistics Institute and the programs they offer click here to receive an information guide.

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