13 ways to painlessly improve profitability in 2013: Online resources
By Jay Fiske

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How can energy become a profit center? Over the last 13 weeks we've provided a guide on how that can be done utilizing simple, low-cost/no-cost tips. If you've read those articles but haven't had a chance to implement them yet, consider this: If you decrease your energy, water and sewage charges by a total of only $200 a month — a very feasible number — $2,400 of pure profit will drop to your bottom line in a year. To put that in perspective, if you operate on an 8 percent profit margin, you'd have to bring in $30,000 in revenue to net that $2,400.

We've covered a wide array of topics in the series from showing you how to decipher your electricity bill and conduct your own energy audit to motivating your staff to become energy/water misers and scheduling energy usage just like you do your staff. As we close the series, we'd like to leave you with a treasure trove of websites where you can find out more about the topics covered.

Please see below for a list we hope you will find helpful as you either begin or accelerate your efforts to control energy, water and asset management costs.

We leave you with a few closing thoughts. Don't let yourself be overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of different actions you could take to reduce costs. You're starting in the right place with easy ways to conserve water and energy. Remember, it's a journey, not a destination. That journey is mostly made up of baby steps, each of which adds to the other and together make a sea-change difference. The giant leaps that require significant investment will come. The next time you purchase new kitchen equipment or construct a new building, these principles will help you make that leap an informed one.

Take those energy-saving tips off the back burner; left there, they're sure to burn a hole in your pocket. On the other hand, taking a few of those baby steps will have your pockets feeling fat and happy.

Energy Management Resources Energy Conservation Water Conservation Waste Stream Reduction Green Building Packaging and Cleaning Chemicals Another valuable resource is your local utility company. Look to them for:
  • Free energy audit services
  • Free educational resources
  • Local rebate programs
  • Information on how to read your bill
  • Time-of-use and demand charges
Have fun saving!

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Jay Fiske is vice president of business development for Powerhouse Dynamics, developers of the eMonitor energy, asset and water management platform for homes and small commercial facilities. Fiske is responsible for leading the company’s overall sales and marketing strategy, developing and growing market channels, and establishing strategic partnerships.