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The Connecticut Department of Horticulture and Forestry tested 10 like deer repellents and rated Bobbex Deer Repellent #1, at 93 percent effective in repelling deer, only second to a physical barrier. Bobbex is a topical, all-natural foliar spray which prevents deer, moose and elk from browsing and damaging ornamental plantings, shrubs and trees.


Bobbex's active ingredients are a series of proteins that make the product safe for the environment, wildlife, aquatic life, people and pets and can be used effectively on even the most sensitive foliage. The product mimics predator scents which deer have an aversion to and is classified as a fear repellent, but it also tastes unpleasant to deer, adding another layer of protection for plants. Because it contains effective sticking agents, the repellent won't wash off in rain or snow. Please follow label directions for reapplication intervals.


Using a deer repellent all year will help ensure deer learn to leave your yard alone, keeping them at bay and adding effective protection to your yard and garden all year long.


The Connecticut Department of Horticulture and Forestry
testing results determined Bobbex works best
–second only to a physical barrier.



Have been using Bobbex for a long time. If it has Bobbex on it, guaranteed it won't get eaten! Great product!
Thank you so much for once again providing excellent customer service!! My customer was thrilled! I greatly appreciate your timely turnaround and prompt attention to our request!! You are the best!!