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Award-winning Koh Young KPO
for Automated Process Optimization


Realizing a smart factory requires a practical approach to production, while also seeking areas to improve. By using accurate 3D measurement data, manufacturers can find inefficiencies and boost performance. Koh Young is leading the effort to collect and harness this data to create a smart factory. For example, the Koh Young Process Optimizer (KPO) uses an AI-powered machine learning platform and interlinking software modules to exercise complex algorithms, which develop and implements closed-loop print process recommendations with Machine-to-Machine (M2M) connectivity. Driven by smaller aperture designs and finer solder pastes, product miniaturization trends are making printing a highly-sophisticated process with a significant impact on yield. As such, manufacturers must constantly review production results and adjust printing parameters to ideal the conditions.

Defining the ideal parameters requires significant expertise because of the many print process variables. Using M2M communication, Koh Young is overcoming the challenge. KPO has evolved beyond a closed-loop option to monitor and adjust the print process. Working with printer and mounter partners, Koh Young has developed connectivity tools for multiple suppliers, which simplifies communication and improves process optimization without the expertise traditionally required.

KPO is comprised of several modules. The first module, Print Advisor Module (PAM), actively optimizes the print process by combining real-time printer information with actual SPI measurement data. PAM automatically performs DOEs designed to perform a detailed SPI analysis with advanced diagnostic algorithms and noise filtering models. Then, PAM recommends the ideal print parameters. This software helps ensure the highest process reliability without dedicated, costly expertise. PAM helps realize a zero-defect production line. Koh Young is continually developing KPO modules that helps manufacturers optimize production by managing data from connected systems. Networked intelligent systems like KPO allow real-time results to be correlated, analyzed, and implemented. The importance becomes even more essential as the Smart Factory evolves.



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