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In a competitive industry, even incremental gains in production
have a significant impact on your bottom line

At Feeder Finger, we prefer to look at everything through the prism of productivity. With the Feeder Finger solution attached to your existing OEM feeders, you can reduce costs and eliminate waste by purchasing near the exact number of components required for each job.

OEMs and CMs are currently facing component shortages worldwide. The Feeder Finger Solution deals with this issue head-on by providing a cost-effective production enhancing solution for feeding strip tape.

As an American-made manufacturer, we take the utmost pride in our work and it shows. Here are just a few productivity enhancements you can expect from Feeder Finger:

  • 50% reduction in feeder setup and changeover times
  • Eliminate tape splicing and the use of cover tape leaders
  • Reduce production downtime due to cover tape jams

Our business is growing and we want to serve your business and help you improve efficiency and reduce expenses by offering a 20% discount to first-time buyers with a minimum purchase of 8 Feeder Fingers. See the quality that our products can provide to your business first-hand.

Click below to learn more about our solution for cut tape and take advantage of this $320 discount!



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San Diego, CA 92121

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