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Buehler News | September 2018


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Buehler Your Material Analysis Full Service Partner

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With over 80 years of expertise in materials preparation and analysis, Buehler remains steadfast in providing the solutions, applications and innovations for the electronics industry. Buehler is a strong partner with the reliable solutions you can count on for the total metallographic process... from sectioning equipment, to grinder/polishers to semi-automatic mounting systems to hardness testing equipment with software, accessories and consumables. For a consultation on your process, contact or call 855-338-5787.

Buehler helps electronics manufacturers test to assure that their products in Circuit Board, Integrated Circuits (IC ), Electronic Components, Printed Board Assembly, failure analysis, Fiber optics components, Medical Devices, Cable and wire connectors and many more to meet the quality control standards set by Nadcap.

Our material scientists have prepared the content within this newsletter with special focus on the electronics industry solutions. We have developed solutions for electronics components providers to the cellular, nanotechnology, nuclear, solar, automobile and aerospace industries.
See Buehler & Instron at ISTFA Booth #129 October 29-30, 2018 International Society of Testing and Failure Analysis - Conference
This year Buehler is partnering with sister ITW Company Instron at the International Symposium for Testing & Failure Analysis in Phoenix. In addition, Berg Engineering, Buehler's Southwest distributor will be at the booth to answer your questions. For a complimentary pass, click here.

Buehler will be demonstrating the new laser driven IsoMet High Speed Precision Cutter and the user-friendly EcoMet 30 grinder/polisher available in manual and semi-automatic models. Read below about these two powerful products, a must for every busy materials testing laboratory.

Instron will be demonstrating the latest materials testing machines and software for testing electronic devices and microelectronic components. Learn more about materials testing solutions for the electronics industry HERE.

Gain Efficiencies in Testing of Electronics Components

Sectioning of Electronic Components for Quality Control or Failure Analysis
Care must be taken to ensure the true structure is revealed, free from preparation-induced artifacts. Historically, sectioning processes that were highly damaging to the sample were used, which could induce artifacts that could easily be misinterpreted as manufacturing defects or service failures. To avoid this, sectioning needed to be carried out well away from the region of interest (ROI), and long grinding and polishing stages were required to recover induced damage. Buehler offers solutions for efficiency and repeatability. The IsoMet High Speed , a benchtop cutter with highly intuitive operation for efficient and accurate sectioning. Its advanced design and innovative sectioning vises simplify and accelerate sample setup. Precision laser, tool-less clamping mechanism and disc movement in three axes enable fast and accurate sample alignment. Sectioning with precision and abrasive sectioning cutters can now be performed even faster, without any loss in sectioning quality. To obtain more information click here. To see it in action click here.

Grinding and Polishing of Samples Made Easy

The EcoMet 30 grinder-polishers are user-friendly grinding-polishing systems that are extremely ease to handle and use. They are metal cast and are available in manual and semi-automated versions, equipped with either one or two platens. They offer reliability and time-saving features which significantly reduce staff workload, and enable a corresponding increase in sample throughput. This is true particularly for labs using a dedicated machine for each sample preparation stage. Advanced cleaning features provided by these robust models also contribute significantly towards speeding up grinding and polishing processes.
Buehler's Material Scientists have prepared application studies and videos to assist the testing of components and circuit boards in the electronics industry. In addition to the SumNote below there are more papers available to download in our Electronics web page.

New SumNote: Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Micro-Sectioning for Quality Control
Quality control in Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturing is very important, including but not limited to drilling hole quality, desmearing of drilled hole, plating thickness of various metals and integrating of the final production board. During the manufacture of printed circuit boards, test coupons are introduced in each production panel. This allows each panel to be tested without wasting actual production board. This SumNote (download here) and others for the Electronics industry area available here.
Video: Printed Circuit Board Preparation – Selecting the Right Consumables Makes a Difference
The manufacture of high quality printed circuit boards requires validation of every batch produced. Test pieces from the board need to be extracted, and then mounted to support them during sample preparation. SamplKwick acrylic mounting compound is designed for rapid and effective encapsulation of PCB coupons. By dipping coupon in Acrylic liquid prior to potting, Buehler’s SamplKwick is able to wet and enter into smaller holes and recesses well, with ease offering good penetration and the edge retention needed for great electronics preparation. To reduce the viscosity of mixed acrylic, powder to liquid volume mixing ratio of 1:1 or 1.5:1 is preferable

The PC-MET and PWB-MET accessories are designed for high volume labs, and where best repeatability and reproducibility is required. Watch the video to see how using Buehler's accessories, used with the EcoMet range of grinder-polishers, can improve productivity and provide excellent results in any PCB quality control laboratory.
  • CarbiMet PSA – Quick grinding SiC papers that offer minimal surface damage
  • TexMet C – Non-woven cloths offering medium to fine polishing when combined with diamond suspension
  • Metadi Supreme Suspension – Use the 3 µm diamond suspension for fine polishing samples when sprayed on polishing cloths
  • MicroCloth – Synthetic rayon cloth offering fine surface finish
  • MasterPrep – Alumina final polishing suspension to improve surface finish on many materials
  • SamplKwick - Acrylic mounting system that offers quick cure time and excellent wetting conditions
Partner with Buehler for Solutions and Service
Buehler is truly your partner with not only a complete line of robust products but a full team of laboratory experts and service technicians. In 2017, we unveiled an improved online eShop. This year we launched our easy to use eservice program to expedite service calls. We look forward to serving you in 2019 and presenting some remarkable product innovations. To be added to our subscriber list and receive the latest newsletter, click here. To see the latest articles click here.