Notes from the 2013 Certified Performance Technologist Standards Update
Gay E. Bruhn, CPT, EdD, ISPI Director of Certification and Industry Relations, Silver Spring, MD

On Sept. 4, Lisa Toenniges, CPT, president of the International Society for Performance Improvement, announced the 2013 Certified Performance Technologist Standards.

This year the International Society for Performance Improvement completed a validation study of the 10 standards required for the Certified Performance Technologist designation (CPT). The validation study, done by an independent firm, confirmed the validity of the CPT standards to practitioners, stakeholders and academic professionals. Updates were made to clarify criteria and add example to reflect current practice.

Offered since 2002, The CPT is the sole performance improvement credential available that is based on a comprehensive demonstration of real-world experience and competence across multiple projects as well as a commitment to a code of ethical practice.

"When an employer sees the CPT after your name, they see competence and commitment. They know you have turned knowledge into know-how," Toenniges said. "We are committed to keeping the CPT designation a current industry and professional benchmark."

Representatives from business, military and international development organizations provided real-world examples of how the CPT standards were applied in their projects.

In telling her story Donna Crisp, CPT, RADM USN (Ret), demonstrated that not only does using the CPT Standards produce results, but also wins awards. Crisp reported that the organizational and process changes implemented as part of the Navy's travel reengineering project reduced the staff hours used at 22 sites, provided better visibility to the customer, decreased the customer wait time in the processing of the travel claim and decreased the costs to U.S. Navy. This performance improvement effort resulted in the Department of Defense receiving the Hammer Award from the Vice President of the United States. In addition, Crisp's project will appear in the special CPT edition of the Performance Improvement Journal to be published in September and available online to members.

Vincent Araujo, CPT, and Manager of Performance Delivery for Sprint, discussed his journey from one misunderstood CPT in a large company, to a group of CPTs others asked for help, and finally, to the group that others wanted to be like. Through his journey he reminded us that we need to be vigilant about sharing results and experiences because nothing else will grow our profession (and careers) faster.

Diana Osinski, CPT, Specialist Leader/Senior Manager for Deloitte Consulting LLP, focused on International Development. She started by saying that she may have spent more time and read more CPT applications this year than any CPT reviewer. Osinski makes sure Deloitte's CPT candidates complete their applications not only because USAID contracting requirements are important to her business, but also because when she sends CPTs on assignment she knows they will get results. When asked how Deloitte and Osinski ensure that the cultural needs of the country are understood, she said their approach was to include people from the home country on the planning team.

2013 CPT Standards
The 2013 Standards and supporting materials are available on the ISPI website at

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