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The issues related to planning and funding a major building project can be overwhelming for even seasoned church leaders. The pastor, leaders, and people usually approach this experience with fear and trembling, not sure what to expect, and wondering if it will create more problems than it solves.

However, this could also be the most exciting and spiritually dynamic time in a church’s life. When the building plans and the funding campaign are well-developed, the people are properly prepared, and the architect, builder, and consultant are carefully chosen, then the entire process can bring a major spirit of renewal to the church.

TLC’s “When Your Church Needs to Build” booklet was drafted by Dr. Hallett, our President, from working closely with church leaders since 1985 during their building and funding experiences. It is designed to help church leaders stand on the shoulders of those who have already led their congregations through the building process, and to learn from their experiences. Its purpose is to give church leaders an overview of what the building process entails, and to help guide them along a proven pathway to success – a pathway so often bombarded with potential diversions and problems.

It addresses several topics that provide insights for churches throughout the journey to build (remodel, relocate) their facilities, including:

    • Key Concepts to Keep in Perspective
    • Churches Are Built from the Heart
    • A Personal Word to the Capital Campaign Committee
    • Developing Vision and Lay Support for the Capital Campaign
    • Is It Time to Build?
    • The Hard Questions
    • Financially Speaking
    • Should We Have a Financial Feasibility Study?
    • Can a Capital Campaign Be Successful?
    • Typical Timeline for the Building and Funding Process (26 Steps)
    • Typical Committees and Subcommittees
    • Checklist and Records

TLC Ministries offers the “When Your Church Needs to Build” booklet as a FREE download from their sister website: www.TLCChurchResources.com

TLC was started in 1990 with the firm conviction that every decision to give is primarily a spiritual decision before it is a financial one. TLC is a disciple making ministry with the specific focus on raising funds for a church’s major facility needs, thus our motto of “developing more responsive stewardship disciples.” TLC also has one of the highest ratios of funds raised of any capital campaign company.

A TLC Consultant would be pleased to talk with your leaders about how we can assist your church to raise the funds you need for your facilities, and in the process, about how you can develop both active and generous stewardship disciples.

For more information, contact:
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