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God is bringing new visitors to your church. Now what?

It’s not just about getting people in your doors. It’s making sure they stick around, stay engaged, and grow as disciples of Christ. To do this, your church needs the right tools and an easy-to-follow assimilation plan.

That’s why we’re offering a free guide to show you how Realm – a new approach to church management software - can help you develop and maintain a follow-up plan that works. In it, you’ll learn how Realm can help you:

1. Make a good first impression so visitors feel welcome
2. Develop a pathway for each visitor who walks through your doors
3. Make a personal connection to help people get plugged in
4. Automate responses with personal touches
5. Create an accountable leadership structure to ensure follow-up
6. Establish a system to track and report on visitor follow-up

By placing visitors in a clearly defined (and customizable) pathway, Realm gives you the ability to purposefully guide them towards next steps to becoming a fully connected member of your church body.

Check out this video to see Realm in action.


So whether it’s just a few, or a flood of new visitors, you’ll be prepared with an easy-to-use tool that keeps visitors moving along their path of discipleship.

Download our free solution guide and get your visitors connected!