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Hosting a Super Bowl party? Remember these tips
Church Law & Tax
The National Football League has a few requirements that churches and other organizations must follow in order to host a Super Bowl party. These requirements emerged a few years ago, after a dispute arose between the NFL and a large church that wanted to host a party. As the big game approaches, here are four tips regarding these requirements that church leaders should note.
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  Faith-Based Organizations Use PLAYTIME Play Areas to Build Community and Educate Children

"We use our PLAYTIME Noah's Ark during story time as a teaching tool in our children's ministry," says Pastor Dr. Steven Hunsley of Family First Church in Overland Park, KS. "Our play area has had a big impact. It sparks interest so children and families want to come back." (More)

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Seriously, churches! Stop using Facebook this way
By Mark MacDonald
Social media has changed our lives. This month we say happy 10th birthday to Facebook. Time flies. Since Facebook has 1.2 billion active users, it assures that almost everyone is on it. It makes sense that a lot of churches have a page that communicates to their congregation. But why do people follow you? If we understand that, we'll understand how to get more followers and what content to develop.
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Last-minute tips for preparing W-2s for church employees, including ministers
Managing Your Church
Churches need to report each employee's taxable income and withheld income taxes as well as Social Security and Medicare taxes on Form W-2, and furnish copies B, C, and two of the 2013 Form W-2 to each employee by today. Copy A should be submitted to the Social Security Administration by Feb. 28, along with Form W-3, Transmittal of Wage and Tax Statements. Although W-2s are not difficult to prepare, there are some tips you should know.
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Justice Department to appeal clergy tax ruling
Associated Baptist Press
The Justice Department will appeal a federal court ruling last fall that allowing clergy to avoid paying taxes on a part of their income designated as a housing allowance violates the constitutionally mandated separation of church and state. The department filed a notice of appeal with the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago just days before the Jan. 27 deadline. It's not yet clear what arguments government attorneys will make in defending the law.
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Money and faith: William G. Enright and the big American taboo
Faith & Leadership
As the first full-time director of the Lake Institute on Faith & Giving, William Enright has spent a decade in one long discussion about what he calls "the big American taboo," the intersection of religion and money. Along the way, Enright has helped transform the conversation nationally about congregations, faith and giving. Bringing together experts in both pastoral ministry and academic research, Enright and the Lake Institute have fundamentally changed the way many local congregations think and talk about money.
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  How Safe Is Your Children's Ministry?

Children are the church’s most precious resource and child security is one of the biggest issues that today’s church faces. Cohesive check-in processes keep everyone safe and secure. For more information on implementing a comprehensive security process, download ACS ministry guide Is Your Children's Ministry At Risk? today.

Look before you innovate: The secret of change
Outreach Magazine
Christianity has been innovating since its beginning. All present traditions were once innovations. Meeting on Sundays was an innovation of the early church. Meeting in buildings was a second century innovation. Yes, those aren't as cutting edge as multisite, data projectors and church apps, but they all were innovations. We can easily look back through church history and judge which innovations proved beneficial and remained biblical, but what about the choices churches face today?
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6 ways to evaluate your church's strategy to assimilate new believers
The Christian Post
Maybe you've seen it happen. A new believer joins a local church, and he is thrilled by his changed life. He shows up at every church event. He consumes knowledge of the Bible. But then something happens. The excited new believer slowly wanders away, and few people in the church notice. Too often, this story resounds in churches that have a poor assimilation strategy.
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  Let Your Light Shine

Since 2007, Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa has been accommodating youth, family and couples retreats. Paired perfectly with the majestic backdrop of the Shawangunk Mountains, Honor’s Haven provides an engaging and educational environment, ideal for unlocking your congregation’s potential. Contact us today and book a retreat you can have faith in!

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A new paradigm for older workers
By Michael J. Berens
Results of a recent Gallup study show that large numbers of baby boomers plan to continue working well past the current average retirement age of 61 and even the traditional retirement age of 65. This is both good news and bad news for organizational leaders: good because older workers are valuable employees, bad because many organizations don't know what to do with older workers as they seek to increase opportunities for talented younger employees. Traditionally, retirement has been a mechanism for turning over the labor pool.
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Church shoppers are going online
Call & Response
Once upon a time, pastor search committees traveled from church to church listening to the prospective pastors and interviewing them in their home communities. Today, many committees watch worship services online and conduct video interviews. Visitors to the congregation do the same. Those shopping for a church frequently visit the congregation online by watching services, reading about services and asking questions. The trend of using the virtual world to do research, make preliminary judgments and prepare for face-to-face encounters seems well established. It begs the question: How do we adjust our strategies to account for this behavior?
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  Hosting A Church Superbowl Party?

Church leaders are just recovering from all their Christmas musical events, and now it’s time to prepare for one of America’s most sacred holidays... the 48th National Football League (NFL) Super Bowl.

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5 easy ways to keep your email inbox under control
By Liz Murphy
Co-workers and clients aren't the only sources of stress in the workplace. Though it may surprise you, email is also another culprit creating work-related strain and anxiety. It's easy to let an inbox to become overwhelming, and unfortunately taking a vacation from your work email is not always possible. But here are five easy ways you can become the boss of your own inbox once again.

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Are churches legally required to issue statements for every contribution?
Managing Your Church
Is there a minimum gift amount for which a contribution statement must be issued? For instance, if someone visited the church one Sunday and dropped a $10 check in the offering plate, is the church obligated to send a statement? Churches typically face this question in January, but also may encounter it throughout the year if they issue regular quarterly giving statements.

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How to 'fire' a church volunteer
By Deborah Wipf
One question I frequently receive when talking about recruiting and retaining church volunteers is what to do about a volunteer who isn't working out. In other words, how do you "fire" a volunteer? This is obviously a delicate situation and needs to be handled with great care. You don't want to offend this individual or damage the relationship, but his performance in the volunteer role is hurting the team. So, what to do?

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Online courses offer new venue for churches to teach religion
Detroit Free Press
Rev. Chris Yaw — the pastor of St. David's Episcopal Church in Southfield, Mich. — has created an online Christian learning program through which people and congregations can take classes on their computer or mobile devices. Called Church Next, the effort launched in August and has already grown to include 200 churches across the U.S. It currently offers about 50 classes on topics like church history and the Bible, as well as those focused on specific challenges, such as dealing with anger, sex addiction or forgiveness.
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A New Way to Manage Church Purchases
You, staff and volunteers can now make purchases wherever Visa is accepted, without using your credit. MORE
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Is your pastor a Nigerian prince? Church email newsletters for beginners
Center for Church Communication
A well-conceived church communication strategy will likely consist of an email newsletter of some sort to ensure people don't miss important events or initiatives at your church. Before you open up your email application there are some important things you need to know.
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Experience and skills are no match for talent
By Mel Kleiman
Human knowledge is now doubling every 3.7 years. This means 50 percent of what you now know will be out of date in less than four years. Just to bring it home, let's imagine you need open heart surgery. How would you like to have it performed by someone who hadn't learned anything new about the procedure in the past 48 months? For this reason, it is no longer about hiring skills and/or experience. Today, it's all about hiring talent. So, what is the difference?
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7 unconventional behaviors of inspiring leaders
There are very few great managers. And even fewer great leaders. Making your team happy by displaying behaviors that are expected from you as a manager is hard. But it is even harder to inspire people to follow you, especially if you don't have direct authority over them. Leaders are not always perfect. And, sometimes, they are downright quirky. But they display a set of behaviors that make them admired and loved. Let's look at some of the rare ones.
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Office and Facilities Manager
Tanque Verde Lutheran Church — Tucson, Ariz.
Manage and oversee the physical plant and the day to day financial operations. The parish administrator supervises the bookkeeper, the custodial staff and the ...

First Baptist Church Atlanta — Atlanta
Requirements: Candidate must have a growing and mature, demonstrated personal relationship with Jesus Christ and exhibit a consistent Christ-like attitude and life. Model leadership through ...

Chief Operations Officer
Fort Worth Pregnancy Center — Fort Worth, Texas
Must be a committed evangelical Christian who demonstrates a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Must exhibit a strong commitment and dedication to the pro-life position ...

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