NACD launches the 'Chemical Distributor Monitor'

Members have approached NACD asking the association to provide reliable market data on the chemical distribution industry. In response, NACD is launching the "Chemical Distributor Market Monitor" and today we are asking for your participation and support.

NACD is working with Strategic Data Marketing, a well-regarded research company specifically dedicated to providing reliable and accurate market research services, to establish a comprehensive data report for our industry. We have not launched this full-scale program yet, as we are continuing to build broad participation to offer a detailed data service, including sales down to the chemical and state level. But we need your participation.

In order to meet the pressing need for real industry sales data as quickly as possible, we are launching a quarterly NACD "Chemical Distributor Market Monitor" in the next few months. While this product will not provide the detailed sales data that we will eventually offer, it will generate a top-line snapshot of industry market trends on a quarterly basis.

The new Market Monitor report includes:
  • Quarterly top-line reports on overall sales trend in the industry nationwide
  • Real data on sales growth trends
  • Ability to assess your own company’s growth in the context of industry trends
  • What industry segments are having the greatest influence on overall growth in the chemical distributor sector
For more information and to learn how to participate, contact Lucinda at 703-527-6223 or