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Another Step Forward for Acoustic Liquid Handling

In 2004, the Labcyte® Echo® Liquid Handler introduced the scientific world to the benefits of acoustic liquid handling, enabling lower cost assays and improved data quality. Since that time, these instruments have been the scientists' choice for nanoliter volume liquid transfers.

Building on this legacy, the Echo® 650 Series Liquid Handlers offer further improvements in instrument usability and reliability. With four new system options, we’re confident we can meet your research needs. The Echo® 650T and 655T Liquid Handlers are designed to transfer from microplates as well as Echo® Qualified sample tubes, and the Echo® 650 and 655 Liquid Handlers can be upgraded to transfer from sample tubes at a later time.

Echo 650 Series Benefits

  • Redesigned fluidics for quieter operation, improved reliability, and easier maintenance
  • Automated plate height adjustment eliminating need for physical source plate inserts, simplifying integration with robotic automation
  • Seamless upgrade path for Echo 650 and 655 Liquid Handlers to transfer from Echo Qualified sample tubes

For more information on each system:

Echo® 650 Liquid Handler Echo® 655 Liquid Handler Echo® 650T Liquid Handler Echo® 655T Liquid Handler

Next generation
medium-throughput system

Next generation

Next generation
tube-enabled system

Next generation
tube-enabled system

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