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Working in High & Hard to Reach Places to Perform Inspections & Multi-craft Skilled Repairs for Industrial and Manufacturing Plants.

Industrial Access is the leader in working at height and hard to reach areas. 

Using remote sensing our unmanned vehicles can collect data that is processed into actionable intelligence. By utilizing infrared devices we can detect areas of heat loss and pinpoint the nature of the breaches in closed systems. Combined with photographic scans of problem areas, many times the remedy or repair can be localized - thus reducing cost for fully staging enclosures or manned inspections using rope access techniques. 

This roof inspection revealed the exact nature of the areas of concern.

Multispectral imaging detects conditions that are typically invisible to the naked eye. Common applications include precision agriculture, forensic analysis and field screening for select compounds or contaminants.

Our unmanned aerial mapping capabilities allow us to create a DTM (Digital Terrain Model) and to generate detailed and accurate surface contouring using real-time site data and 3D modeling software. Ground Control, check points and quality control methods are applied to confirm the accuracy of the site’s aerial map and DTM.

We utilize both photogrammetry and LIDAR to generate 3D surface models. Each programmed flight can be recorded and stored for potential future flights at the site which will generate enhanced time-lapsed imaging for precision monitoring of the site’s ground surface for components such as cap integrity (landfills) and volume utilization.

Contiguous Images can be joined (mosaicing) to form a single image file that will generate a high-resolution aerial (map) to include scale and specified coordinates. An aerial map of the site is created as part of the final deliverable. Using these techniques we provide aerial reconnaissance of the plant, inventory counts, volume and field counts of all types.

We’ve recently added the ELIOS drone to our arsenal of industrial inspection tools to help increase the level of safety we can provide at every job site. We use our drone fleet to inspect structures that are extremely high or in tight or cluttered spaces, gathering data & photographic evidence from areas of a structure or stack that were previously inaccessible or expensive to access –  all from the comfort and safety of the ground. 


In this video, our State-of-the-Art ELIOS drone is navigated in an enclosed area of the plant to inspect what would be a very tricky area to see any other way. We can inspect for structural deficiencies or breaches in functionality of the plant using this remote controlled high-tech drone. Don’t worry when you see the drone bumping into hard surfaces - the ELIOS is build tough just for these type of applications.

Inspections -

There is nothing that compares to accessing these structures for up close inspection. With rope access technology this is something that can be done easily with little interuption to plant operation. IA provides Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), Infrared Thermography, Petrographic Testing & Remote Sensing to identify any structural defects that may effect performance and safety.

General Maintenance -

Plants & Manufacturing Facilities are often corrosive environments for equipment and structures, and can produce a large amount of moisture, particulates and heat. Sustaining an effective preventive maintenance program can reduce or eliminate costly equipment failures or production down time. Equipment failures are typically caused by incorrect or lack of regular maintenance.

Regulations - 

Working cooperatively with plant owners & facility managers, we can help prevent potential costly fines for non-compliance with environmental air quality requirements, and provide a safer environment for your employees.