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Switch to Selvol polymers for improved oil penetration control in food grade applications, and improved ink holdout and feathering control on uncoated printing and writing grade paper.

  • Recycled paperboard mill achieved a 20-unit Vanceometer improvement by switching to a 70/30 starch/Selvol PVOH formulation from a straight starch system.

  • Solid, bleached paperboard mill achieved an 80 Vanceometer specification- unobtainable with starch alone- by switching to a 60/40 starch to Selvol PVOH formulation.

Selvol polymers offer a full range of partially, intermediate and fully hydrolyzed polyvinyl alcohol products, including novel copolymer technologies for a wide variety of specialty paper applications such as ink jet, silicone release, thermal, creping and packaging products.
To see specific starch to Selvol recommendations or to view the test data referenced above, download the technical data sheet here or visit our website at www.sekisui-sc.com.